At Perth Obesity Surgery we are very conscious of how unexpected costs can affect our patients. We are committed to providing an accurate assessment of a patient’s situation from the initial consult, complete with an explanation of charges involved. We ensure that out of pocket cost is explained from the start and the agreement upheld. This will include all aspects of care involved with the procedure requested.

This once off, all-inclusive fee will cover the costs involved for everyone involved from day of your first consultation through to post-operative care. This includes surgeon, assistant and anaesthetist. Under normal circumstances, the only other cost for a patient is their health fund excess. And if you don’t have insurance, we can still help.

Total cost = Health Fund Rebate + Medicare rebate + Out of Pocket Cost

The actual total cost involved in your care will be affected by a few things.

  1. Whether this is the first bariatric procedure (Primary) or following on from having had a procedure before (Revision).
  2. Some patients will need care in a larger hospital equipped with post-operative care units equipped to safely look after more complex medical problems.
  3. Medical procedures come with risk of complications and these sometimes need further interventions. If that were to happen then they would also come with additional total costs.

We take a multidisciplinary team approach to the care of our patients with long-term engagement and involvement. All patients must meet with our dietitian before and after surgery with a focus on education and building a healthy relationship with food. Other allied health experts that may be involved are exercise physiologists, diabetes educators and psychologists. Most patients will benefit from meeting our psychologist to tease out what behavioural changes can be made to promote success in weight loss.

We also staff a bariatric physician to complement the advice provided by surgeons. During a surgical procedure, a surgical assistant and anaesthetist provide their expert skills.

Charges for all of these health care experts are included in your stated out of pocket expense!

We advise prospective patients to research costs before embarking on surgery (particularly the hidden and unexpected costs, as these are usually the most painful). When considering care with any health professional, one should always know what happens with costs if something goes wrong. At Perth Obesity Surgery, when we quote for a procedure, the quote includes the total Out of Pocket cost for the surgeon and the assistant. The Out of Pocket quote is fixed, even if additional procedures are required and performed at the same time.

In an effort to eliminate cost as a factor from a patient’s decision on which operation to have, sleeve gastrectomy and gastric bypass procedures are conducted with the same Out of Pocket expense.

Payment and Rebate

We ask that total cost is paid before a bariatric operation is booked. The medicare rebate + health fund rebate will be refunded straight to the patient. The big expense in this surgery is paid directly to the hospital from a health fund so that our patients do not pay this expense. This is why “total cost” for insured patients is so much less than for non-insured patients.

When you make an inquiry with Perth Obesity Surgery, we will send you a number of documents. One explains the fees involved with our procedures including timing of payments and how to ensure rebates are prompt and hassle free. Our administrative staff and practice manager can talk you through any part of the form and payment structure and are always willing to clarify the information.

We do not recommend patient’s pursue bariatric surgery without insurance, but in the rare occasion this is discussed, payment will also be requested before booking a procedure. The prices quoted at the bottom of page illustrate how the out of pocket expense for this pathway is much higher than for insured patients.

Some patients are eligible to access funding from superannuation. This is relevant where obesity associated health problems are likely to become a threat to life. Those interested in this pathway need to discuss the possibility directly with one of our surgeons.

Costs when seeking weight loss without surgery

For patient’s seeking weight management advice without pursuing surgery, we can provide an outline of costs for consultations. These would include appointments with surgeons, physician and dietitian (and others as needed). Patient’s may elect to pay for consults individually or as a once off Treatment Plan option.

we ensure that an out of pocket cost is explained and upheld.

Sleeve Gastrectomy and Gastric Bypass (With appropriate health care cover)

Out of Pocket cost for fees from the Surgeon and Assistant is $3,900. The majority of the hospital costs will be covered by the health insurer. There may also be a hospital excess, usually in the order of several hundred dollars, depending on the insurance policy.

Please Note: For Revisional Sleeve Gastrectomy surgery (if the patient has had previous weight loss surgery), the out of Pocket cost for fees from the Surgeon and Assistant is $4,900.

“Gastric Banding” (With appropriate health care cover)

Out of Pocket cost for fees from the Surgeon and Assistant is $2,900.The majority of the hospital costs will be covered by the health insurer. There may be a hospital excess, usually in the order of several hundred dollars, depending on the insurance policy.

Procedures Without private health care cover

The total out of Pocket cost includes all costs, apart from the Medicare rebate paid for the doctors’ fees.

This total out of Pocket cost is significantly higher than Out of Pocket costs quoted for patients with appropriate health cover. For more information on these costs please contact Perth Obesity Surgery on (08) 9592 3199

Please Note: If there is a prolonged hospital stay, additional unexpected surgery or intensive care requirements then costs can escalate dramatically. We suggest to uninsured patients who are considering weight loss surgery that they join a health fund and postpone their surgery for twelve months, until their cover kicks in. We can assist them during this time.