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What is a gastric balloon, and are you a candidate?

Gastric balloon is a non-surgical weight loss procedure that involves placing a saline-filled silicone balloon into the stomach to reduce hunger pangs and the risk of overindulgence by making the patient feel full.

Perth Obesity Surgery uses the Allurion Gastric Balloon product, a pill balloon capsule which is swallowed under the guidance of healthcare professionals without surgery, anaesthesia, or endoscopy.

Within a 20-minute appointment, the capsule containing the deflated balloon is ingested, then once the balloon is confirmed to be in the stomach via x-ray, it is filled with water through a catheter. A second x-ray ensures the balloon is filled correctly before the catheter tube is gently removed. After approximately 16 weeks, the balloon naturally degrades and passes comfortably through the digestive system.

The gastric balloon is regarded as a safe, non-permanent option to help kickstart a patient’s weight loss journey. Although, the results can last a lifetime as by the time the balloon passes, patients are expected to have developed new food preferences and adjusted to smaller portion sizes.

Patients using the gastric balloon can lose an average of 10-15% of their body weight. If a greater weight loss is desired, a second balloon can be placed after completing the first program.

The Allurion Gastric Balloon is recommended for individuals with a body mass index (BMI) of 27 or above. You can calculate your BMI here.

Other eligibility criteria include being between 18-65 years of age, not currently pregnant, have not had previous stomach or oesophageal surgery, and do not drink alcohol excessively.

What are the risks of gastric balloon procedure?

The Allurion Gastric Balloon carries significantly less risk than weight loss surgery as it does not involve anaesthesia or surgery.

Some patients may feel nausea, mild abdominal pain, and vomiting in rare cases after balloon placement. These side effects are often manageable with over-the-counter pain relief.

Other rare but more serious risks of intragastric balloons include early balloon deflation, overinflation, acute pancreatitis, and ulcers or perforation in the stomach wall.

What is the expected recovery time after a gastric balloon procedure?

The entire gastric balloon procedure takes approximately 20 minutes with an outpatient visit. The patient will then be supported by the Allurion Connected Scale, Health Tracker and App.

The Allurion Connected Scale monitors weight, body composition and BMI and syncs with the mobile app so you can track your progress and healthcare professionals can access the data to better support you.

The health tracker is a smart watch that tracks physical activity and sleep and also syncs to the app.

How does gastric balloon procedure compare to other weight loss surgery options?

The Allurion Gastric Balloon is significantly simpler than other weight loss procedures that involve anaesthesia, surgical incision, hospital stays and carry risks including malnutrition, blood clots and infection.

It is considered a safe, non-permanent solution which is believed to achieve more weight loss success than dieting alone because patients feel less hungry and feel fuller more quickly after eating.

When combined with intensive weight loss strategies, the Allurion Gastric Balloon has been demonstrated to achieve almost 2.5 times more weight loss in 16 weeks than undertaking the strategies alone.

Additionally, patients have demonstrated they have been able to sustain up to 95% of their weight loss 12 months after the balloon exits the body, as they have learned to adjust their food preferences and portion sizes accordingly.

How much does a gastric balloon cost?

The total gastric balloon procedure cost may comprise of the Medicare rebate, a private health fund rebate, and an out-of-pocket cost.

Perth Obesity Surgery is committed to providing an accurate assessment of a patient’s situation from the initial consult, complete with an explanation of all charges involved. We charge a once-off, all-inclusive fee that covers the costs involved from the day of your initial consultation through to post-treatment care.

More information on our weight loss solution costs can be found here.

Not sure if a gastric balloon is the right choice for you? Book a consultation with a Perth Obesity Surgery healthcare professional for a personalised care plan.

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