A doctor assessing a patient for bariatric surgery suitability.
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When you’re considering weight loss surgery, you need a clear picture of what to expect.

Along with medical factors, the expert team at Perth Obesity Surgery (POS) will help you understand the entire process and the suitability of surgery for you. Always talk to an expert before making your decision.

To give you a picture of what you can expect, Dr Leigh Archer from POS has outlined the general process.

When patients first contact POS, we can answer some general queries, then book an initial consultation with one of our highly qualified doctors.

The Assessment Phase

This is where we start to consider whether bariatric surgery will be an appropriate option for you.

We use established guidelines in combination with unique factors for each patient according to their health circumstance and needs.

This assessment will include simple measures of BMI, blood tests for possible diabetes, cholesterol abnormalities or fatty liver disease, as well as any other relevant tests including sleep assessment and sometimes imaging studies. The goal is to identify factors that will be improved by meaningful weight loss, along with factors that may influence a patient’s actual risk from surgery.

Your assessment will include a multidisciplinary team, including dietitian, psychologist and physical trainer along with other medical specialists as needed.

Optimisation for Surgery

The optimisation involves preparing a patient for surgery by decreasing risk factors before the process continues. Many risk factors for surgery are problems that are able to be modified or changed, therefore decreasing risks, such as smoking, unmanaged diabetes or untreated sleep apnoea.

Other medical conditions may also need plans developed to ensure safe surgery is performed. We want to avoid complications. This often includes an opinion from specialists that you already see. Examples include bleeding problems, mental health challenges and chronic medical problems. If you take regular medications, especially any that impact healing we will need to develop a plan for them as well.

Final scheduling for surgery will be made when all of these risk factors have a clear improvement plan in place.

Preparation for Surgery

Prior to surgery, we ensure all patients:

  • Use a pre-operative very low-calorie diet (VLCD) regimen to decrease surgery risk. This usually involves 4 weeks of strict meal replacement with shakes, soups or bars. Our dietitian will discuss the details and support you by recommending substitute foods. The good news is, that often patients lose 10 to 15 kg over this time!
  • Start an exercise program, to be as fit as possible on the day. Our physical trainer will discuss and support you to create and maintain a plan, which usually begins slowly and gently.
  • Have blood tests collected seven days before surgery.
  • Prepare vitamin supplements and liquid diet items for post-surgery care.
  • Arrange time off work, transport to and from the hospital and a bag for the hospital stay.

Be assured, POS surgeons are highly regarded and experienced, with many years of supporting patients in successful, lifelong weight loss. Surgery is performed under strict safety procedures and a comprehensive post-care plan will be discussed with you ahead of surgery.

If you would like to find out more about weight loss surgery and whether it could be your path to a healthier, happier life, please contact Perth Obesity Surgery at (08) 9592 3199.

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