At Perth Obesity Surgery, an operation is but one part of the overall treatment plan. Evidence shows that sustainable control of obesity comes from a lifestyle approach to address multiple factors that have led to the situation.

Bariatric surgery is an opportunity to break the cycle and take control!

Types of operations.

Bariatric operations achieve weight loss through a combination of restriction or malabsorption. Before surgery, people’s food passes through the gut from start to finish in the order

Stomach Small Intestine (Bowel) Large Intestine (Bowel)Rectum

Absorption of calories and vitamins is enhanced by mixing the food with stomach juices and then small bowel juices (bile and pancreas secretions). This order is slightly altered with the malabsorptive procedures.


Signals of fullness and satisfaction are sent when stomach is stretched. Our procedures involve reducing the size of stomach so it is filled with less food


Over 70% of calories, proteins and many vitamins are absorbed in the first 2 metres of small bowel. By changing the system so that food doesn’t go through the first 2 metres of bowel and by separating food from small bowel juices for that length, less calories are absorbed from a meal