Personalise your Value Packages and Save $2,000

Promotional period runs from Wednesday, 5 July 2023 and ends at midnight on Saturday, 30 September 2023.

Value package offer applies to bariatric surgery bookings made before the end of the offer period. Any surgeries postponed outside of the offer period require full payment to secure offer.

Packages ‘Fitness’ and ‘Nourish’ include third party provided services (fitness program and nutrition plan, respectively). While these are partnerships based on recommended experts and qualifications, Perth Obesity Surgery takes no responsibility for the third-party service delivered by these external providers. Complaints are to be directed to the provider directly. Perth Obesity Service will cover the cost of the advertised 12-month package, adapted for this value offer, by the third-party providers, as outlined in your contract offering.

The ’Finance’ package advertises a discount on fees for the bariatric surgeon and assistant alone. This does not include initial consultation, physician consultation, assessment day consultation, dietitian, hospital costs, anaesthetist, post operation costs (surgeon, nurse, dietitian, psychologist, physician). Please refer to your personal fee schedule for details of discount and other costs. Costs may be eligible for Medicare and/or private health insurance rebates. Apply direct to Medicare and your insurer for details.

The Value packages are only suitable for primary procedures, and unavailable for surgical revision procedures. Value packages are also unavailable for patients with certain medical conditions or surgical complexity.