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Budgets are tights, financial stress is high, which for many of us means compromising on our life goals.

For people struggling with obesity or being overweight, financial restrictions also mean putting health solutions on hold.

Along with the financial obstacle, we know a range of individual factors make long-term weight loss a challenge. We also know, having enough support in those areas will give you the best chance to succeed in making those changes.

At Perth Obesity Surgery, we want you to be able to put your health first. We want to make your weight loss path as easy as possible, and that means overcoming three common challenges.

Financial Support

Financial stress, hardship and limitation has more impact on our lives than just our bank balance – mental health and physical health are affected in multiple ways.

Surgical solutions for weight loss attract medical fees, and even with financial support from Medicare and private health insurance, it can still be a stretch for most.

By offering our Finance value package, we’re making it possible to achieve lifelong weight loss, without the financial burden. By reducing the price of Gastric Sleeve surgery to just $2,500, (down from $4,500 for surgeon and assistant), it’s making weight loss more realistic and achievable.

The savings you make could even be used to enhance your new lifestyle and health!

To make financing surgery more accessible than ever, we’ve introduced new payment options and financial aid to help make your overall costs more manageable.

In addition to Medicare and private health fund rebates, early superannuation access is possible with the help of SuperCare, as well as medical loans with Total Lifestyle Credit.

Now, there are a number of options to investigate, to help you be free of health and financial problems! Find out more at https://perthobesitysurgery.com.au/costs/

Exercise Support

Post-surgery, support to implement lifelong change is crucial in preventing weight regain. A lot of patients find it difficult to find passion or practicality in an exercise routine.

Having an expert to help overcome challenges like injuries, motivation, finding exercise you enjoy can make all the difference in lifelong weight management.

Our Fitness value package takes these hurdles away from your path to success, with a 12-month, personalised, monitored program with an Exercise Physiologist following bariatric surgery.

Valued at over $2,000*, this bonus support will make exercise realistic, achievable and enjoyable. Perfect for people looking to find motivation, those with pre-existing injuries or conditions, or those who want to reclaim their past fitness peak.

The package includes two weekly small group training sessions, weekly coach check-ins, monthly nutrition consultations and bioscans, as well as a bonus chiropractic session and remedial massage included.

Dietitian Support

We believe your diet is important, but ‘dieting’ is not!

Many of our patients have lived in battle with diets for as long as they can remember.

Changing habits of a lifetime is no easy task, which is why we know having a qualified Dietitian in the year following bariatric surgery is vital to maintain health and weight loss.

A Dietician has the knowledge, tips, tricks, recipes and plans ready to personalise to your lifestyle and preferences. They can empower you to keep your diet, health and weight on track after surgery.

The Nourish value package gives you a 12-month, individualised nutrition and diet plan with a Dietitian following your bariatric surgery.

Valued at over $2,000*, this package is perfect for those who have struggled to stay on the right eating path, who need accountability, a renewed perspective and to reset their relationship with food for life.

The package includes a 7-day menu plan every week for 12 months, with shopping list and nutritional information included, as well as a monthly consultation with a Dietitian with follow-up progress checks.

You gain access to a Facebook support group for tips and encouragement and will receive a weekly email with your menu plan as well as lots of new recipes to try, nutrition information and mindset tips. This package also includes a bonus Nutrition Mindset Road-Map Guide.

Your Weight Loss Is Our Mission

To help address the cost of living crisis and give more patients a supported pathway to real weight loss success, we’ve introduced these special value packages, so you can personalise your weight loss program and save over $2,000*.

Choose between Finance, Fitness or Nourish, to give you the support you need to make your health goals a reality. These packages are for a limited time only, so contact the clinic today, to find out more. (Offer ends 30 September 2023.) https://perthobesitysurgery.com.au/value-packages/

If you’re ready to find a solution to your weight loss and health problems, to live a life with vitality, we’d love to hear from you and help you achieve your goals.

We’re with you every step of the way!

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